Now with the 70s look coming back in style and trending, it couldn’t be a better time to write a post about one of the 60s & 70s greatest fashion icons.Today’s post will take you back in time to when Twiggy Lawson took centre stage in the fashion industry. When her trademark eyelashes and pixie cut became her staple style and could be found on nearly every magazine cover in town.

Fashion modelling aside, her expressions are the best though. The stare, the big puppy dog eyes, the shock face, the cheeky grin face, to name a few….


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She was famous for pushing the boundaries of the time. She was a trendsetter with her famous hair cut, love of short shift dresses, and intense eye makeup.Today, Twiggy works with Marks & Spencer on their billboards and advertisements. She was even featured on America’s Next Top Model as a judge.


Want the Twiggy look?

With the help of a few handy tips from the website, it’s possible. Here’s how:


In the 1960s, designer Mary Quant came up with “The Chelsea Look” which Twiggy modelled time and time again, making this style of dress more closely associated with her.

What’s the Chelsea look?

The look featured skirts and dresses that came to about 6 or 7 inches above the knee, an incredibly scandalous look for the time.


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Twiggy was featured in many ads wearing shift dresses, simple dresses that accented the legs. These dresses usually had an exaggerated collar or a big button on the front and came in a variety of prints and colours, but the shape always remained the same.

shiftImage Source



Twiggy was also renown for breaking fashion expectations and pushing the boundaries.  She wore things like ties or men’s hats with her scandalous mini skirts which helped break the expectations pushed upon women to dress a certain way which led onto women wearing men’s accessories in the future. Although nowadays we may not think much of wearing a suit or a pant suit to a work function or the races, back then it was unheard of until Twiggy came along…


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And lastly….


The Twiggy look is more than just dressing a certain style, but dressing for yourself.

Without a doubt, Twiggy has had a big influence on the fashion world. She made a splash in the 1960’s with her scandalous outfit choices, but is remembered today as a style icon. Twiggy’s style stems from more than just what she wore, but how she thought and how she continues to challenge the fashion world today.


Twiggy snapping a camera wearing a modern outfit for the time period.

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So dare to be different, seise the day in all it’s glory, dress like you wish,


most importantly, don’t forget to be you! 🙂


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