Christmas 2015 Rewind

A new year already, and yet there is still so much to blog about from 2015. Today’s post is a little bit of a trip down memory lane (as it’s about Christmas), but also a fun rewind of the busy yet exciting end of 2015.

Today I’ve decided to collate a few pics I’ve taken of some of my Christmas day goodies. I decided to choose a few favourites (okay a few more than that 🙂 and share them in this 2015 wrap up post. Enjoy!


I found some gorgeous beauty knick knacks under the Christmas tree…

Including a sparkly Revlon nail polish, which was just made for the lovely summer weather. I also received a stunning little vintage number which at first I thought was a phone case or clutch, but after fiddling with the latch I soon discovered it was a mini manicure/nail set. Hehehe. 🙂


Kikki.k lovers like myself will understand me when I say: Kikki.K gift cards are delightful – you can spend hours flicking through their seasonal catalogues and still not be able to make a clear (let alone final decision) on what to purchase… 🙂

Also if you’ve read another post I wrote named ‘trend alert: rose gold’, you can view it here if you’re curious…. rose gold blog post

Kikki.K have certainly incorporated this trend AND the polka dot trend into creating a stylish and trendy gift card which you’ll wish to keep even after you’ve redeemed your voucher… (I know I will anyway… 🙂


I was also lucky enough to receive some other fashion staples, a bag (or two…) coincidentally and a gorgeous minimalist Elk necklace which you’ll find glued around my neck… 


Another trend I’ve enjoyed indulging myself in is the ‘Mindfulness phenomena’ and ‘Mindfulness colour in books’.

Throughout 2015 and now 2016, I’ve been collecting some lovely ones with beautiful illustrations and designs. I’ve made a little flat lay below which includes one of my favourites ‘Secret Japan’. 



I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas surrounded by those who matter and make you feel like it’s Christmas everyday & once again, wishing you all a wonderful new year!

January is going to be a blogging sort of month so stay tuned for lots of summery and trend related blogposts going online very soon…

Daisy Chain Daydreams 🙂

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