Stylish Short Summer Hairstyles

Back in late october last year I blogged about some unique and chic hairstyles (you can view that post here: BEAUTY: Hairstyles. Most of them were relevant for long hair though and since I’ve cut my hair a little shorter (although not quite as short as some featured below), I have found some stylish new hairstyles to try on shorter hair and thought I’d share them with you. 

Many celebrities have also taken the plunge and gone for ‘the big chop’ at the hairdressers in 2015, re-emerging a new person with a new look afterwards. This post highlights some of their fresh looks as well as some chic Pinterest tutorial finds.

Whether you’re a long, short, in between or all three kinda person, I’m sure you’ll find something chic to try after reading this post. Enjoy!


Take Lily Collins for example, she went from long hair to a lob, to a chic bob, and now is shorting a pixie cut. You can’t get more experimental than that.

This look is rather simple, with only a tousled side part but looks classy and makes a statement.

Image Source


And a pixie later on in 2015,

The grand unveiling of her new look took place at the 2015 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Image Source


Although my ultimate favourite hairstyle Lily sported at a Love, Rosie interview would have to be her half up half down, almost mini beehive look paired with a statement edgy vintage collared dress.

I know I’ve posted this picture multiple times in various blog posts, but it’s my all time favourite of her’s so I had to feature it in my short hairstyles post…. hehe 🙂


Lucy Hale is another celebrity who joined in on the trend going from long hair to a trendy lob and now to a trendy bob…

Image Source

And a close up:


You can view more pics and an exclusive interview with Lucy on the teenvogue website to find out Lucy’s top tips on hair and makeup.

Click here for more:


Jennifer Lawrence also sported a pixie which she then grew out into a tousled layered bob throughout the year,

Image Source


The Modern Family star Sarah Hyland also chopped off a fair length of her Rapunzel locks, changing her look…

 See the ‘hair journey’ below…

Image Source


Although scrolling through pics of stylish celebrity hair can be all fun and games, when it comes to putting some of these hairstyles to the test ourselves (without a hair and makeup team to help out), it can often be a little time consuming and frustrating.

That’s why I’ve also collated some DIY tutorials you can follow to break down the process. Enjoy!


This 5 minute loose hair waves step by step guide is a handy helper when preparing for your next function/get together… Found at .



This braided half up half down style not only looks good, it keeps all the flyaway hairs off your face. Perfect of summer.


Image Source


You can also visit Lauren Conrad’s blog to view other great tutorials at: .


This particular beachy side braid DIY guide can be found here…


And never fear, the infamous trendy staple top knot is also possible (although layer depending) on shorter lobs and tousled bobs. Lucy hale makes it work below:


Image Source


So never fear, there are endless possibilities for those with lobs and bobs, practically the same as for those with long hair. Although I’ve covered quite a few looks in this post, if you are interested in perfecting your niche for braids, tousled waves, a blunt bob, waterfall braids, you name it, the one stop webpage for you I can recommend is:


What’s your favourite hairstyle or go-to look?

I’d love to hear your favourites, tips and more in the comments below.

Happy hair styling! 

P.S. This post is dedicated to one of most dedicated readers and followers, Ant-Girl, for inspiring me to write this post. Go girl. xx

Daisy Chain Daydreams 🙂


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