Friday Favourites…

Today I thought I’d be a collaboration of a few of my favourites for this week. Favourites meaning anything ranging between fashion, beauty, food & recipes, travel, style icons, hair styles, flowers, shoes, and quotes and blogs…. Enjoy! 


#1: The low bun:

This on trend hairstyle adds effortless chic and style to every outfit, and the best part is – it doesn’t matter if it’s a little messy, it only adds to it’s elegance.


Image Source


#2: Rose gold and flowers!

With rose gold trending more than ever before and seasonal summer flowers, what more do you need…


Image Source


#3: Boho prints and bold colours, paired with beachy waves and a floppy sun hat. 

On trend stylish perfection worn below by Lauren Conrad.


Image Source


#4: Inspiring quote of the week…


Image Source


#5: Stylish read of the week…

This week I’ve been dipping in and out of Garance Dore’s new novel ‘Love, Style, Life’. The book is exactly that and more including charming quotes and stylish essentials.

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 5.24.55 pm.png

For more style, life and love essential life lessons and chic tutorials (on anything and everything) check out the webpage:


I hope you enjoyed scrolling through this week’s Friday favourites.

What was your inspo from this week, go-to style, favourite blogger?

Daisy Chain Daydreams xox

For more inspo….


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