BEAUTY: Summer Favourites

As we are steadily approaching the last few weeks of summer I thought a summer beauty favourites post would be fitting. Today’s post highlights some of my summer favourites; from body lotions, perfumes, to different coloured nail polish, and lip glosses! I hope you enjoy! 


I thought I’d start with a few of my favourite nail varnishes. I must admit I have quite a varying collection (and counting) of pink nail polish. I think it’s because there are so many different shades and styles that each one is unique and similar at the same time.



I’m also a little obsessed with sparkles and glitter! I recently bought a pink Revlon polish with tiny sparkles as well as confetti! And another one of my sparkle favourites is the top coat, white & silver glitter (also by Revlon). Although O.P.I. also has some chic sparkly polishes in a few of their different ranges.



As I mentioned before, I do have quite a few pink shades. They are also great hues to have a pedicure in.



Pastels are also great if you’re looking for a light and fresh summer look and they come in some lovely versatile shades. I love Revlon’s ‘Pink Pineapple’ which even smells of pineapple and another Revlon (141) which in the sunshine looks a bit like opal colour.



I do love Revlon…. 🙂



Hot pinks and corals are also great for summer. I can recommend Natio, Bloom, Seed Heritage, and Sportsgirl’s ‘Nail It!’ range for bright polishes.



I also love O.P.I. minis because they let you experiment with different hues, and if you’re not to sure on one colour you can swap them around with other shades in the pack. I also find these are great birthday gift ideas.



The Body Shop also have some fresh and summery hues in their ‘Colour Crush’ collection. I love this purple one. Perfect for a new look.



Now to shower gels, body lotions, creams and soaps…

I can recommend The Body Shop for natural, fresh and beautiful scents, as well as Natio, and L’Occitane.



One of my favourite collections by The Body Shop  would have to be their Japanese Cherry Blossom range. I have multiple bottles! Their mini bottles are also great for travelling and the perfect size to slip into your beach bag.



Glasshouse also have amazing scents. I received a gift pack with the Manhattan scent for Christmas and a summery fragrance Esperance with mimosa and wild apple for my birthday.



Onto perfumes and lip-glosses and lip-balms now! I can recommend Clinique for lip-glosses with a lovely shine, The Body Shop for natural and soft perfume fragrances, Burt’s Bees (one of my personal favourites) for a ‘go-to’ lip-balm in your handbag, Seed for colourful lip-glosses, Lancome, and Bloom.



A close up…



What are some of your summer beauty favourites? 

Do you have a go-to lipgloss/balm/stick or fragrance?

Have a fragrant summer! 🙂

Daisy Chain Daydreams xox


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Enjoy! 🙂


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