VAMFF – Melbourne Fashion Week

Melbourne Fashion Week officially begins tomorrow, but I snuck in early, and attended some inspiring Fashion Writing Workshops today.

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The first session’s guest speaker was Janice Breen Burns, editor of VoxFrock & the second guest speaker was Alison Kubler, freelance curator and writer.

Front row seats at VAMFF Fashion Writing Workshop Series.

The workshops were fascinating and the guest speakers conveyed a wealth of practical experience in the world of fashion and visual arts. As a whole, they were intelligent, approachable, passionate, and empowering women. Not to mention fashionable.


After the first workshop, How to be a Better Fashion Blogger, we broke up for some refreshments.

Morning tea at VAMFF

Think chai tea, natural yogurt, tropical fruit compote and granola in trendy little jars, autumnal spiced muffins and mini quiches…. in other words delicious! 🙂


All in all, the VAMFF: Cultural Program workshops were a wonderful way to start off Melbourne Fashion Festival.


For more details, follow VAMFF on Instagram or check out their events program on their website below.

Instagram: @vamff

Your style companion,

Daisy Chain Daydreams xox


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