Inflight Essentials…

There’s always lots of excitement when packing for a vacation. With the countdown  for my next adventure underway, I thought I’d share my enthusiasm for the Autumn break… 

Sure there’s the travel essentials like your passport, boarding pass, suitcase, and mobile phone, but it’s all the little things that count…

So I have collated together a list of my favourite inflight essentials, from the comfy scarf for the plane ride to your airport adventure backpack, everything you need for your next adventure all in the one place. 🙂


#1: The trendy travel backpack…

Every adventure deserves a fashionable backpack to carry all your inflight travel essentials. I’m in love with this cornflower blue (trend alert) tassel backpack by Zara.


Image Source


#2: What’s inside…

You’ll find Watermelon The Body Shop Lip balm, my favourite sunglasses, my Japan travel journal, rose gold headphones, and groovy stationery…



#3: Every adventure deserves to be remembered…

What better way than to write it all down in a groovy journal…

Every travel destination I’ve visited has it’s own journal and favourite memories written within it. This trip I’m recording everything in Typo’s new pink glitter mini journal.



#4: The travel outfit…

As fashion obsessed as I am, I know the importance of feeling comfortable and cozy on an aeroplane. That’s why I’ve decided on a chunky silver glitter polka dot scarf from Witchery, my cozy winter grey and white striped Sportsgirl jumper and my favourite jeans. I also like to pack a scarf in my carry on luggage in case I feel like snuggling up comfortably in my seat and watching a movie… (because.. why not?) 🙂



#5: The travel hairdo…

I know it can often be quite hectic when organising taxis, and finalising packing when one travels, so I tend to find tying my hair away from my face helpful. I know this may sound a little silly, but when you’re pulling out passports, aeroplane boarding passes and have headphones around your neck, the last thing you want is to have your hair flying everywhere.

For long hair I’d probably stick to a easy no-stress low top knot or ponytail.


Image Source


However if you have a bob or lob, this may prove difficult. I’d recommend a half top knot or fashionably messy low pony (if your hair is long enough).


Image Source


#6: The perfect camera…


Image Source


That’s my list of travel essentials, what’s your’s?

Stay up to date on my latest blog posts, trend forecasts, adventures, and travels at @daisy_chain_daydreams on my Instagram…


Image Source


Happy travels!

Daisy Chain Daydreams xox 

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