What to wear: Winter Weekend Getaway…

With the long weekend coming up, I thought I’d post some of my Winter favourites and top style tips for some wardrobe inspiration… 

Where to begin? Saturday, Sunday, Monday – the outfit options are endless! I’ve shared some of my go-to style pieces and how to style them for each day that’ll be Instagram flatlay worthy! Enjoy!


Saturday Vibes…

Whether you are catching up with friends for brunch, have a date night at a fancy restaurant or are off to see a movie I’d recommend investing in a floral blouse (trend alert), statement sunglasses inspired by the 60s and 70s trend, and an edgy clutch.

Style tip: Edgy clutch handbags add a street style vibe to any outfit, and are a the perfect size to store your movie tickets, phone and lipstick in, the essentials…


Image Source


Sunday Adventures…

Feeling like escaping the city this long weekend? The country air and landscape is a wonderful city detox. I’d recommend the Barossa Valley wineries or renting a weekend condo by the beach.

Style tip: Pair a nautical stripe pattern with classic denim for a relaxed and chic vibe. Add trending accessories like vibrant paisley patterned bandana and round shades for added chic. 


Image Source


Monday Feels…

When it comes to Winter Monday outfit inspiration, I tend to stick with colours and styles I’m most comfortable and cozy in. For me, that’s soft and delicate cashmere knits, a classic overcoat or duffel and leather ankle boots. If I know I’m staying home, I’ll swap my boots for my fluffy grey Uggs…

Style tip: If you have a rather classic or minimalist style wardrobe you might consider adding a pop of colour or texture to your outfit with a statement handbag or pom pom beanie…


Image Source


I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post and found it helpful in deciding what to wear this long weekend! To finish here’s some packing tips I find helpful when organising a weekend away:

Top tip #101: Always check the weather forecast before you plan your weekend getaway outfits & pack accordingly… And pack for the unexpected too! 

This might seem obvious and quite simple, but trust me, you don’t want to arrive at your travel destination just in time for an unexpected downpour of rain and realise you haven’t packed your Winter boots or a raincoat…

These things can happen though, so that’s way I have made a brief list of some of my suitcase necessities.


1. Always bring an extra layer…

Whether it’s an elegant overcoat, a street style trendy bomber jacket or duffel coat, I always pack an extra layer so I’m guaranteed to be nice and cozy!


Image Source


2. Pack a spare pair of shoes…

Even if you’re only going away for the long weekend and you’ve planned on wearing Adidas Stan Smith sneakers during the day and leather ankle boots in the evening, pack a spare pair in case it gets a little muddy, because Winter weather can always turn.


Image Source


3. And lastly, pack light…

I know this last tip may seem like I’m contradicting everything that I’ve just said, (which in some ways I have), but hear me out. Often it’s very easy to overpack because of the temperamental weather or undecided event plans. That’s why I sometimes find it helpful to make a list of my go-to wardrobe essentials which I can consult when packing, to ensure I’ve packed clothes I know I’ll wear, are appropriate for the location, and I feel both fashionable and myself in.


Image Source


Do you use any of the same techniques, have exciting long weekend plans, or new wardrobe purchases? Don’t be shy, let me know in the comments below or say hello @daisy_chain_daydreams on Instagram … 🙂

Daisy Chain Daydreams xox 


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