STYLE QUIZ: Find Your Style

We all have a sense of style, a go-to look, garment or wardrobe colour scheme, (I do too). Although sometimes these style staples can become a bit same-same, and need a bit of wardrobe shakeup!

This doesn’t mean you need to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe based on the latest trends or fashion… In fact this is the last thing you should do! Instead, invest in a few of the season’s trends, but make sure they still represent your style and go with your wardrobe. The last thing you want is to go out and buy a fashionable coat jacket or trendy leather handbag and realise when you arrive home that it doesn’t complement any of your wardrobe essentials. Trust me, this does happen, so it’s always worthwhile to do some research beforehand.

All in all, I hope today’s post, an exciting new style quiz, sparks some style inspiration, wardrobe essential ideas and personal style! Don’t forget to keep note of your results as you go along so you can see your style result at the end! Enjoy! 🙂


#1: How would you describe your style?

A. Inspired by style icons & a little French…

B. Edgy & trendy…

C. Mainly neutral hues & elegant…


Image Source


#2: A Winter wardrobe essential in 2016 you can’t live without…

A. A chunky turtleneck jumper

B. A slip dress

C. A classic white shirt


Image Source


#3: Your go-to coat and/or jacket are…

A. A long-line vest and trench coat

B. A fur coat and bomber jacket

C. A denim jacket and leather jacket


Image Source


#4: You can’t leave the house this Winter without…

A. Ankle boots

B. Trendy velcro sneakers

C. New Balance 574s


Image Source


#5: You’re packing for a Winter weekend getaway. The first item you pack is…

A. A nautical stripe jumper

B. Black jeans

C. Gucci slip ons with fur detail

In need of some packing inspiration and styling tips? Why not check out my post What to Wear: Winter Weekend Getaway


Image Source


#6: You’ve been invited to brunch in the city with your girlfriends. Your go-to look is…

A. A pleated skirt and sneakers

B. A trendy bandana and leather jacket

C. A pair of monochrome culottes and a delicate cashmere knit


Image Source


#7: Your favourite accessory this season is…

A. A handbag with tassel detail inspired by Chloé

B. A festive bandana

C. A pom pom beanie


Image Source


#8: Your hair is usually…

A. Tied back in a low bun

B. Long and natural

C. A tousled bob or lob


Image Source


#9: Your preferred bag is…

A. An elegant day to night clutch

B. An over the shoulder bag

C. A Mansur Gavriel bucket bag


Image Source


#10: A fashion trend you want to try this Winter…

A. Cut out boots

B. Metallic sunglasses

C. Lace up heels


Image Source


Mostly A: Classic Style

Your results to this quiz show you are someone with elegant taste. You dip in and out of current trends but still weave your personal style into these outfits. Possible style icons include Audrey Hepburn and Olivia Purvis (Blogger of What Olivia Did). Labels and designers you shop at or admire include the likes of Chanel, Forever New and Marc Jacobs.


Image Source

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Mostly B: Street Style

Your results to this quiz show you are someone who likes to experiment with your style and express yourself through fashion. You like fresh and different clothing that make a bold statement and/or represent your personality. Possible style icons include Twice Blessed Bloggers and Gigi Hadid. Labels and designers you shop at or admire are include the likes of Gucci, Sportsgirl and Witchery.


Image Source

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Mostly C: Minimalist Style

Your results to this quiz show you are someone who likes neutral and classical hues in their wardrobe. You like chunky knits and monochrome prints.  Possible style icons include Suzie, (the blogger & vlogger  behind Hello October) and Alix, (the blogger & vlogger behind ICovetThee). Labels and designers you shop at or admire are include the likes of Valentino, Country Road and Seed Heritage.

Screen Shot 2016-06-18 at 12.37.58 pm.png

Image Source

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I hope you enjoyed taking my Winter style quiz! Don’t forget to share your results in the comments below… This way I’ll know your style and be able to create more blog posts relevant to my fashionista readers! 🙂

Your personal trend forecaster,

Daisy Chain Daydreams xox

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