Eastland Adventures…

If you’re following me on Instagram, @daisy_chain_daydreams , you’ll be up to date on my latest adventures, most recently to Eastland shopping centre. I had a wonderful time exploring the various designers, shops, cafés and so on and have put together a blog post on some of my highlights from my experience. Enjoy! 🙂


Stopping at Tea2 is always a must when I go shopping. I love taste-testing all the latest tea blends and admiring their latest tea set collections and elegant designs. One of my current favourites is Rose and Turkish Apple. It’s both light and sweet, perfect for a tea party or get together with friends, Summer or Winter…



Next stop was Uniqlo Eastland where puffer jackets are in abundance and minimalist and elegant designs make worthwhile purchases. I love their store at Eastland and am looking forward to visiting again soon!



In need of a mid-morning snack, I popped into Pressed Juices for a pick-me-up. After ogling all their products and flavours, not to mention photographing everything in sight, I decided on a Zen Berry smoothie. And it’s true guys, they’re ‘positively life changing’… 🙂



They also have a food range including assorted nut and seeds trail mix, various wraps, protein balls and other healthy goodies.



After a quick break I continued exploring the shops. Think Scanlan and Theodore, Skin and Threads, Forever New, Typo and Kikki.K to name a few.


Scanlan and Theodore Eastland


I also ventured into the Beauty Garden, the location of the beautiful floral installation by Rebecca Louise Law. If that wasn’t enough in itself, I explored many serene and fragrant beauty bars and stores including Kiehl’s and iKou.



Needless to say, I had a wonderful time exploring Eastland and look forward to visiting again in the near future…

Have you visited Eastland? What are your favourite stores?

Your shopping & photo-taking obsessed pal,

Daisy Chain Daydreams xox

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