Ten More Winter Wardrobe Essentials…

Back in May I wrote an Autumn and Winter trend report (click here to view) which highlighted ten of my go-to wardrobe essentials this season. Although all these trends and styles are still fashionable and of relevance, I though I would blog about some more of my current Winter wardrobe obsessions.

Enjoy & don’t forget to let me know your thoughts and favourite looks in the comments below! 🙂


 #1: The Statement Blouse

A statement blouse is one of my wardrobe essentials this Winter as I love how it can dress up almost any outfit. Think lace up heels and a leather midi skirt for a Saturday night out, or ankle boots and black jeans or culottes for a more conservative work function vibe. However, both these looks can be altered simply by the style and type of accessories paired with them.

LOOK OF THE MOMENT: I love this Trina Frill Detail Blouse in deep khaki  from Forever New. The frill detailing and high collar add instant chic and class to any look. Deep khaki not quite your style, this design also comes in cream silk.



#2: The Chunky Scarf

Chunky scarfs are a must-have as the temperature begins to drop. I prefer woollen blends, silk, cotton blends and cashmere as they tend to keep me warmer and cut the chill most effectively. Paired with a duffel coat and ankle boots for a shopping trip or a leather jacket and heels for a movie date, the occasions are endless…

LOOK OF THE MOMENT: I am currently in love with this Adaline Check Blanket Scarf from Forever New. The Winter white and warm grey add a sense of comfort and class to the pattern, and rust adds a touch of richness and warmth.



#3: The Pom Pom Bag Charm

If you’ve been on social media recently or stepped foot into a department store, you’ll know what I mean when I say, pom pom key charms are the ultimate accessory this season. Varying from caramel, black, pink, grey, pastel, to burgundy; this trend is determined not to be missed.

LOOK OF THE MOMENT: Tan is one of my go-to colours this season, so naturally I couldn’t resist this bag charm by Forever New. What’s your favourite pom pom colour scheme this season?



#4: Velcro Strap Sneakers

As much as sneakers are trending this season and are becoming increasingly popular for more formal events, the velcro strap sneaker has been dappling in the spotlight over the last season and is becoming increasingly mainstream and can be found at major department stores.

LOOK OF THE MOMENT: Why not incorporate two trends into your look. Forever New have you covered with their rose gold Alex Strap sneakers. Too adventurous? There are more subtle designers including white on white and grey on grey which may be more your style.



#5: The Slip Dress

Have a playful floral print slip dress you love wearing to the beach or an elegant black silk slip dress you reserve for special Summer mock-tail nights out ? Well I have good news for you, the slip dress is on trend this Winter season and is extremely versatile. Think minimalist cashmere turtlenecks, lace up heels, metallic sunglasses, felt fedoras, these all work beautifully with a slip dress.

LOOK OF THE MOMENT: I love this Ray Slip Dress by None the Richer available on The Iconic. The high neck and  criss cross back adds chic and individuality to the look.


Image Source


#6: Pleats Please

Pleats have been on the trend radar for a while now, but are more fashionable than ever now. I recently returned from vacation in Japan where I photographed many pleated skirts, shirts, culottes, blouses, you name it… Hence, my love for pleats has been blossoming over the past few months, however up until recent weeks, I hadn’t spotted many pleated designs in Australia. However after some online research I’ve found some gorgeous designs on ASOS.

LOOK OF THE MOMENT: Two skirts that are on my wardrobe wishlist at the moment are the ASOS Petite Stripe Pleat Midi Skirt and the New Look Chiffon Pleated Midi Skirt in grey. Although it’s easy to think of pleated skirts as more of a Springtime and Summer look, paired with chic applicate jumpers, bold metallic shades, colourful handbags, street style sneakers, high heels, boots, the options are endless…


Image Source


#7: Brogues

Statement brogues and oxfords are very fashionable this season. Whether it be catwalks, street style, edgy 9am-5pm work wear, or a night out – brogues have made a comeback and is showing no signs of leaving the spotlight anytime soon.

LOOK OF THE MOMENT: Shoe brands like Wittner have a wide range, however a pair that’s caught my eye is the Lucy Platform Brogues from Seed Heritage. With metallic details you’ve used two trends at once, and look stylish not a fashion tragic…


Image Source


#8: Metallics

The metallic look has been spotted by street style photographers during fashion weeks, red carpet paparazzi, everywhere famous fashionistas visit… 🙂 From metallic skirts, bomber jackets, sunglasses, nail polishes, pants to shoes, it’s been designed.

LOOK OF THE MOMENT: Margot Robbie was recently photographed wearing what’s been described by fashion blogs and websites, including WhoWhatWear as the it shoe of the season.


Image Source


They’re called the Crossover Mule Sandal by Gucci. These trend setting heels are available in five styles, including metallic gold leather featured below.



#9: Overalls

Overalls have been receptively reported in the fashion media recently, whether it be photographs of celebrities who’ve been spotted wearing the season’s trend, where to buy them, or how to style them, it’s been reported.

LOOK OF THE MOMENT: So we’ve seen denim, linen, silk, and cotton – but up until recently leather overalls hadn’t been reported… However Olivia Palermo stepped out onto the street recently, experimenting with the trend and looked fashionable as always.

What are your thoughts on the new trend?


Image Source


#10: The Denim Jacket 

If you’ve been on Instagram or shopping lately, you’ll have noticed that denim is a dominating trend this season. Although denim has never officially gone off the fashion radar, this season it’s topping the style charts… From denim overalls, culottes, shirts, skirts, and jackets, designers are making denim designs readily available for keen shoppers and fashionistas (that’s you guys!) 🙂 However the iconic denim jacket seems to be the most popular denim essential this season. Why? It’s versatile, warm, stylish, trendy and comfortable…

LOOK OF THE MOMENT: Denim jackets have been photographed at international fashion weeks, worn by celebrities and numerous style icons of the 21st century. I am intrigued by the new trend of embellished denim jackets which have been snapped on the street constantly… I’m loving this Sportsgirl denim badge jacket which incorporates these two trends to a tee.


Image Source


I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post and look forward to hearing about your favourite looks and Winter wardrobe essentials in the comments below or via Instagram @daisy_chain_daydreams xox 🙂

Your personal trend forecaster,

Daisy Chain Daydreams xox

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