Lifestyle : How-to style your coffee table

I thought after countless scrolls through social media, I would try and pin point what exactly makes a coffee table look so chic and styled so effortlessly… I soon discovered that it was the strategic placing of homewares and new trends that make all the difference and adds elegance and character to a room… 

Where to begin…


The Perfect Table

First things first – finding the perfect coffee table itself! This can sometimes prove to be rather challenging although it shouldn’t have to be! My advice would be choose a style that reflects the rest of interiors and homewares and work from there. Brands like Ikea and Freedom stock a wide range of minimalist inspired furniture, so I’d recommend having a scroll through their catalogue before you even leave the house to begin coffee table scouting.

Also, I’d suggest investing in something timeless, as you can easily update the overall vibe of the coffee table with chic and trendy homewares.  Extra bonus – you don’t have to replace your coffee table every couple of years! 🙂

coffee table.jpg

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Set the Foundations

Homewares like coffee trays and iconic books like Love Style Life by Garance Doré, Tom Ford by Tom Ford and The Little Dictionary of Fashion by Christian Dior; all add structure and lay the perfect foundation for an Insta-worthy #interiorgoals post or two… 🙂


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The Building Blocks

Now to my favourite part – the building blocks! I think a coffee table with elegance and character should never stay the same. I love collecting iconic homewares and discovering trendy products and believe that these ‘bits and bobs’ so to speak, all add charm to a coffee table.

Iconic Candles

A carefully selected scent or two never go astray when curating a coffee table. Some of my favourite scents are designed by brands like Fornasetti, Diptyque, Jo Malone and Ecoya… #swoon


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Bring the Outdoors Inside

Fresh flowers and indoor plants add colour and a natural element to any enclosed space. If you want to add a natural element to your living room and/or coffee table, but don’t fancy the hassle of changing flowers every week, I’d recommend indoor plants.

Indoor plants are becoming increasingly popular, some say as much as the iconic floral bouquet – from trendy foliage delivery services like Leaf Supply, (yes, that’s a thing!), to groovy botanical design studios like Loose Leaf, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the right indoor plant/foliage for your living space.


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The Final Touches

These are the items and products you are always reaching out to and/or your favourite coffee mug or new box of chocolates, (mmm…)! These everyday essentials don’t always have to be styled to a ‘t’ and add that bit of extra charm and individuality to your living room.


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I hope you enjoyed this week’s blog post! It’s a little different – I’m hoping to introduce some more lifestyle related blog posts this year, including interiors, styling tips for different rooms and homewares. Also, I’ve been receiving some lovely blog post ideas from you guys and want to put them into action as the year progresses… In other words: watch this space! 🙂

Also, let me know in the comments section below if you would like to see more of these style of blog posts – I love hearing from you all! Plus, stay up to date with all things fashion, beauty & lifestyle by following my blog here and/or Instagram here.

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Because I couldn’t publish this post without featuring a pink sofa… #interiorgoals

Your Diptyque candle obsessed pal,

Daisy Chain Daydreams xox 


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