WARDROBE UPDATE: Stylish Jumpers

With the arrival of more (consistent) chilly weather (thank goodness!), I thought it would be fitting to share some of my favourite jumpers and sweatshirts for this Autumn & Winter season.

I’ve been reading articles by  some of my favourite bloggers and I’ve noticed that a popular style of writing is ‘budget vs designer’ aka ‘high street vs high end’. I find myself really enjoying reading this style of articles and thought I would try and introduce a similar segment into Daisy Chain Daydreams! I hope you enjoy it! 🙂


DEBIT: High Street Styles

I’m loving striped and floral styles from labels like ASOS, French Connection, H&M and Country Road at the moment. This striped knit has gorgeous dainty frills as cuffs which add a feminine touch to an outfit. I’m also loving all things grey this season – especially this slogan sweatshirt The Letter Clothing Co. ‘Holy Guacamole’. Isn’t it so cute?!

1. Pastel Striped Jumper , 2. Floral Vine Sweater , 3. ‘Holy Guacamole’ Sweater , 4. Tiny Stars Navy Sweater , 5. Pink Ruffled Jumper .


CREDIT: Designer Styles

Although the above jumpers have a much greater chance of ending up in my wardrobe, I thought I would share some of my favourite designer styles too – I mean it ain’t gonna hurt nobody to dream a little, right?! 🙂

Chloé and Joseph have some classy and chic designs this season (like always!) of course. I am loving the tie-bow trend at the moment, I think it just adds a polished finish to any look and is so cute! I also had to include this sunglasses jumper by Alice & Olivia – I don’t know exactly why I love this jumper (I mean, I wouldn’t have the guts to wear it!) but nonetheless – I think it’s so cute and had to share it with you! 🙂

1. Black Sweater , 2. Blush Sweater , 3. Striped Sweater , 4. Sunglasses Sweater , 5. Striped V Neck Jumper .


I hope you enjoyed this week’s blog post on chic and trendy jumpers (DEBIT vs CREDIT edition). I really enjoyed finding both budget friendly and designer looks for a specific type of clothing! If you enjoyed this style of blog post, let me know in the comments section below (only your chosen nickname will be displayed)! 🙂

Now, I’m off for another dreamy (and wishful) scroll through Net-A-Porter!

Daisy Chain Daydreams xox

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