LIFESTYLE: 6 Ways to make the most of the Winter weather

Hey lovely readers! You guys seem to have been enjoying my lifestyle content on the blog lately, so this Winter I’m planning some exciting new posts, including some trendy healthy recipes to try and ways to stay cosy and embrace Hygge (literally my mantra at the moment). In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this week’s lifestyle blog post… 🙂


#1: Go out for brunch

If you follow me on Instagram @daisy_chain_daydreams, you’ll know that I LOVE brunch! I love eating out at trendy cafés – ricotta hotcakes, acai bowls, avocado on toast, poke bowls, chai lattes, you name it – the chances are that you’ll find me eating one of these delicious dishes out and about… oh, and I’m also guilty of taking photos of every pretty dish I eat – yes, I’m that person! 🙂


Image Source


#2: Snuggle up with your favourite snacks & laptop

This is one of my favourite things to do! There is something about feeling warm and cosy whilst snuggled up with a cup of hot chocolate and my laptop… I love watching the latest YouTube videos by my favourite vloggers and catching up on the latest fashion trends on stylish blogs and magazines. This feeling could said to be very hygge (which is a Danish word used to a describe feeling cosy, comfortable and happy)… If you’re interested in reading more about my thoughts on hygge, you can read my chatty lifestyle blog post here: LIFESTYLE: The Secret Art of Hygge. 🙂


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#3: Get creative in the kitchen

Cooking is one of my favourite hobbies, especially in the cooler months. I try and make the most of when the weather is rather dull and cold, and instead, light a fire, layer out with a woollen jumper and roll up my sleeves in the kitchen… From warming dinner curries and delicious pastas, to more sweeter treats like apple crumble and freshly made scones… What are your favourite recipes at the moment? 🙂


Image Source


#4: Organise a girly get-together

Whether you’re looking for an excuse to catch up or researching the web for something different, I say – just do it! As I am writing this post, it is my mid year holidays, so I’m really excited to organise some fun get-togethers with my girlfriends… From a shopping trip to a fro-yo pit-stop, the options are endless. You don’t have to go out either – you could simply meet at someone’s house and have a pamper session: think DIY bath-bombs and natural sugar scrubs. If you’re looking for some more inspo, you might enjoy having a scroll through my Pinterest boards! Along the way, I’ve discovered a great DIY coffee sugar scrub here and handmade aromatic floral bath-bombs here. 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-06-23 at 5.39.33 pm.png

Image Source


#5: Explore your neighbourhood

Another thing I like to do (no matter the weather!) is go exploring – in particular, my local neighbourhood! I feel as though it’s a fun and exciting way to stumble upon hidden gems… Along the way I’ve discovered some gorgeous hipster cafés, nail salons and boutiques which I continue to visit today! 🙂


Image Source


#6: Treat yourself to a pamper session

Whether it be a heavenly Lush bath bomb or a organic facial, manicure, pedicure, fresh blow wave, you name it! Do something that you enjoy doing! Take some time out – relax, recharge and revitalise! This is my mantra for the holidays… 🙂


Image Source


 Let me know in the comments section below if you enjoyed this week’s lifestyle blog post! I love hearing all your suggestions, thoughts & ideas! So type away in the comments section below (please note: only your chosen nickname will be displayed)… 🙂

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Wishing you all a lovely day! 🙂

Daisy Chain Daydreams xox

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