LIFESTYLE: Mindful Goal Setting for 2018…

I’m going to start this post with something that may not make sense at first: I don’t set new year’s resolutions or intentions, shocking I know; however I really wanted to write this post as I am hoping to try and set some meaningful goals for myself for 2018 that are realistic and achievable.

I was reading some articles online about how to successfully follow through with new year’s resolutions and one of the tips was to have a theme or word that resonates with you and your goals.

So for me, I hope to make more time for myself next year and focus on my wellbeing a little more than I have of late. I mean, I’m content with how I’m travelling, but I would love to introduce some more self-care and ‘me time’ activities into my weekly routine. So my theme for 2018 is ‘wellbeing’ and my focus word is ‘nourish’ because I think it encapsulates my hopes and dreams for 2018.


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So how do I hope to achieve this goal? Well, I’ve decided to focus on three main areas: mind, body and soul as I believe these are important elements in achieving a sustainable work life balance.



I’m always trying to finish off ‘one more thing’ and sometimes find myself writing rather long to-do lists, and this can sometimes prove a little stressful. So in 2018, whilst I understand my workload won’t simply slow down, I hope to feel more content with what I can achieve in particular time frames and break my to-do lists into achievable chunks that don’t look like mid-week shopping lists…

Another practice I would like to introduce into my everyday routine is writing in a gratitude journal. I believe writing down what you are grateful is an effective way to remember the plentiful blessings we have, and helps put things into perspective when you may be having a stressful time.




I was reading in a lifestyle book recently that referred to our bodies as our own garden, which I think is such a lovely thought. I hope to nourish my garden in order to let it bloom (so to speak) through delicious meals and partaking in enjoyable exercise, such as zumba, swimming and cycling (whilst singing along to a song or two πŸ™‚ ).

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Okay, so this is probably my favourite part – making time for what you love. This will look different for each individual, but for me, some activities that spring to mind include: blogging, reading, cooking, bubble baths, listening to podcasts, walks along the beach and chatting with loved ones. These are all activities I hope to continue participating in in 2018.


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So these are my goals for 2018, I can’t wait to start new adventures and experiences as the year progresses and hopefully fulfil these goals. I’d love to know your thoughts on New Year’s Resolutions and your hopes and dreams for 2018! πŸ™‚

Daisy Chain Daydreams xxx

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2 thoughts on “LIFESTYLE: Mindful Goal Setting for 2018…

    1. Hi Vanessa,
      Thanks for your lovely comment! πŸ™‚
      Yes, I agree – at the end of a busy day it can be hard… I’m hoping to turn it into a bit of a ritual in 2018, maybe writing down 3 things I’m grateful for in the afternoon after work with some afternoon tea… (here’s hoping!)

      Have a wonderful day gorgeous! πŸ™‚
      Daisy xxx


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