STYLE: Finding Autumn Style Inspiration on Instagram…

Its no secret that I spend a looooooot of time scrolling through Instagram and follow lots (read: too many) accounts. From fashion and beauty to travel and recipes, I follow lots of lovely accounts. So I thought I would share the love and share some of my favourite style bloggers that I have found Autumn style inspiration from this season (read: every season). I hope you enjoy this post and find some inspiration and new accounts to follow this Autumn! 🙂


Kate La Vie

I featured Kate in my Beauty Blogger Favourites post last year, and I just had to include her in this style favourites post too as I find so much inspiration from her. Her Instagram account is @kate.lavie if you haven’t heard of her before, I would humbly suggest checking her account for style inspiration that is always so lovely and classy. Kate incorporates trends into her wardrobe whilst maintaining a recognisable (and gorgeous) personal style. In other words, can you tell I’m a big fan? 🙂


I Covet Thee

Another blogger & vlogger I enjoy following on Instagram is Alix. Her style is very chic and is always #onpoint, no matter the season or occasion. From cosy berets and French stripes to a dreamy designer collection of accessories, I admire Alix’s personal style and eye for style. You can follow her on Instagram here @icovetthee.


Michelle Take Aim

Another account which I am always looking to for style inspiration is Michelle Take Aim. Michelle’s style is so fashionable and her wardrobe is a real life Pinterest board (honestly, it is so gorgeous!) Michelle embraces fashion trends each season whilst still staying true to her own aesthetic. Oh, and not to mention her #onpoint beachy waves and perfect top knot. You can follow Michelle on Instagram @michelletakeaim.


Sophie Suchan

I recently discovered Sophie’s Instagram account and knew straight away that it would become a favourite. Her style is unique and feminine and is always sophisticated no matter the occasion or weather. Her picture perfect feed has convinced me to experiment more with Winter whites and greys, and certainly added a few designer bags to my wishlist… you can follow Sophie on Instagram @sophiesuchan.


Julia Engel

I still remember the day I first discovered Gal Meets Glam on Pinterest over five years ago and instantly searched for her blog and maybe stalked the archives for a while, pinning to my heart’s content. I think I was drawn to Julia’s lovely style because its so unique and recognisable. From classy berets and chic furs, to gorgeous coats and dresses, Julia’s Instagram @juliahengel is a great source of style inspiration for me this Autumn. Oh, and she have have convinced me to buy a beret in every hue… 🙂


The Anna Edit

I remember discovering Anna’s YouTube account last year and watching her videos back to back (I’m not going to lie!). Her personality and style is unique and inspiring and her videos are always next level and feature innovative ideas, such as her seasonal capsule wardrobe series. I’d describe her style as accessible and trendy as she incorporates both high street and designer items into her wardrobe beautifully. I’d highly recommend looking at her Instagram @theannaedit for classy style inspiration this Autumn.


I hope you enjoyed this week’s style post and found some new accounts to follow!

I love discovering new accounts so if you have any recommendations that you think I would like please share their Instagram accounts in the comments section below.           I’d love to hear from you! 🙂

Daisy Chain Daydreams xxx

5 thoughts on “STYLE: Finding Autumn Style Inspiration on Instagram…

    1. Hey Sharni,
      Lovely to hear from you! I’m so glad you enjoyed this blog post and found some new inspiring accounts to follow.
      I think there’s something so exciting discovering new Instagram accounts to follow…

      Daisy xxx


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