LIFESTYLE: 10 Simple Ways to Practice Hygge This Winter…

By now I’m pretty sure every person who has internet connection will have heard about hygge. It become really popular last year, with hundreds of cute coffee table books being published about how to embrace this lifestyle and feeling, as well as a million and one products being marketed as ‘hygge essentials’ – I’m looking at you: candles, bath salts, essential oils, woollen blankets, cozy jumpers, the list goes on…

One of my personal favourite (and reader favourite) lifestyle blog posts I’ve written is my first Hygge post, which you can read more about here if you’re interested.

So to recap, I thought I’d talk a little bit about what hygge means to me and it’s origins…

‘Hygge is a Danish word often used to describe the feeling of cosiness and happiness…’

Now, onto the rest of the blog post – I’m excited to share ten of my favourite ways to practice hygge in Winter. They’re simple but oh so enjoyable! I hope you find some inspiration on fun ways to practice hygge during the cooler months… πŸ™‚


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#1: Warm Drinks

I love warm drinks – they’re such a simple pleasure that bring me so much joy. I find sipping on a warming beverage, particularly hot chocolates and chai lattes, so cozy and enjoyable particularly when it’s quite cold outside, I love how they warm you up from the inside. Whether it be treating myself to one whilst I’m out and about (cafe’s are my second home!) or making my own, I truly enjoy the taste, sensation and practice of making and drinking warm drinks. Gosh that got deep… hehehe πŸ™‚

I’ve shared some of my favourite recipes below if you’re interested in trying them out…

CafΓ© Style Chai latte

Delicious Gourmet Hot Chocolate

‘Dirty’ Chai Latte (with coffee)


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#2: Scented candles

I absolutely love candles – in fact I have far to many to count on my hands sitting around in my home. I find something so warming and cozy about snuggling up on the couch with some woollen blankets, entertainment and having a beautiful scented candle lit in the background. In fact, this candle quoteΒ I discovered on Instagram pretty much sums me up. πŸ™‚

Some of my favourite Autumn and Winter warming scents currently sitting at the top of my wishlist are… (yes, I have a candle wishlist – no, I’m not concerned. Hahaha)

Voluspa Baltic Amber Candle

Ecoya French Pear Candle

Diptyque Amber Candle

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#3: Reading a Book

I love reading and have made it one of my goals this year to read more books. I find reading in the evening such a relaxing way to unwind after a busy day and get ready for the land of zzzzz. I also love entering a fantastic fantasy world and seeing situations through characters eyes. I’m definitely one of those people that get way too connected with characters.


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#4: Staying in

I am definitely more of an early bird than a night owl. It’s quite rare to find me out and about past 8pm, and to be honest, I quite like it this way. I really enjoy snuggling up in bed with a good book and some chocolates (another hygge essential) to staying out late into the night.

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#5: Cooking Warming and Nourishing Meals

There’s something so hygge about getting creative in the kitchen. Whether you like to cook solo or prepare meals with family and friends, cooking is another wonderful way to embrace hygge. I find it can be extra fun in the winter months because you’re cooking very warming and cozy comfort foods like soups and slow cooked dishes.

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#6: Cozy Knitwear & Accessories

To say I love Winter fashion would be an understatement – I love layering! Feeling comfortable, cozy and stylish is my mantra when it comes to fashion in the cooler weather, so naturally I’m drawn to woollen knits, cute pom pom beanies and scarves a plenty. Do you love layering in Winter too?

Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 7.11.27 pm.png

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#7: Gathering with Friends

Hygge can be experienced with others too. Whether it be catching up to see a film at the cinema on the weekend, going out for a pizza on a friday night or inviting close friends to your house for a home cooked meal, gathering with friends is such a special and memorable activity and a wonderful and fun way to embrace hygge.

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#8: Getting Away

If you can, escaping the city for a little while is another wonderful way to practice hygge. It might be a day trip to the country or a vineyard with cheese boards a plenty, a beach house, or bed and breakfast… you name it – spending time away from home in a calm environment and exploring nature does wonders for your headspace and feeling of hygge.

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#9: Relaxing Baths

If you follow me on Instagram @daisy_chain_daydreams, it will come as no surprise that I love a good bubble bath, especially pink ones! I find it so soothing and warming to unwind in the tub after a busy week. I tend to light a scented candle to create a hygge atmosphere and bring a good book and I’m sorted. Don’t expect to see me again for an hour or so…

Some of my favourite bath bombs are…

LUSH twilight bath bomb

LUSH rose jam bubbleroon

LUSH Think Pink bath bomb

Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 7.07.03 pm.png

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#10: Beauty Lotions & Potions

On the subject of pampering, I thought I would mention that I also love handcreams and moustirusing, especially during Winter when my hands are often quite dry from the cool air and heating. I prefer applying a generous dollup of my ‘lotion’ before popping into bed, partly because I fall asleep with a lovely scent and partly because it gives it time to sink in and nourish my skin overnight. Plus, it makes me feel very pampered, even after a stressful day. At the moment, I’ve been enjoying using Lush Sleepy body lotion, which I mainly use as a hand cream – with a dreamy subtle scent to help you drift off to sleep.


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I hope you enjoyed this week’s lifestyle blog post! Let me know you’re favourite ways to embrace hygge in the winter months in the comments below, I’d love to hear your thoughts. πŸ™‚

Daisy xxx

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