Why having an interest in fashion & beauty doesn’t make you ‘shallow’…

Hey lovelies! This post is a little different to my usual posts but its something I’d like to share my thoughts about and have been reading a lot about online recently and wanted to share my opinion too…

If you’ve been following Daisy Chain Daydreams for a while, you’ll know that I love fashion. Over the past year or so I’ve also become more interested in makeup too which I really enjoy – although my bank account might say otherwise! Hehe πŸ™‚ As I have become more interested and passionate about style and makeup, they’ve been featured a lot more on my blog over the past year or so, which I think reflects my interests and I like it like that. However, sometimes I think people are quick to judge you on your interests and whether they’re intellectual or mature by their standards. I think these topics are often perceived as ‘shallow’ and glorifying consumerism and vanity, however I disagree. And that is why this I thought I’d write this week’s blog post sharing four common misconceptions about fashion and makeup and my thoughts on why having an interest in these things doesn’t make you ‘shallow’ or any ‘less’ than anyone else.

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#1: Fashion & makeup don’t have any correlationΒ to your intellect

I think people sometimes feel embarrassed to share how much they love clothes and makeup with others because they’re worried that they will think they aren’t deep or as intellectual. It does not mean you’re not intellectual and mature. Just because you like fashion and makeup, it doesn’t mean anything about your intellect or identity. True friends, regardless of whether they share the same interests, will listen to your thoughts and interests and embrace you as you are – they won’t judge you. Moral of the story: if you like fashion & beauty products, wear them and feel good about it. You do you! πŸ™‚

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#2:Β It doesn’t have to be expensive (well, not all the time) πŸ™‚

With the advent of social media and YouTube channels and blogs aplenty (which I love, don’t get me wrong!), this can sometimes make people feel like they need to buy everything they see online. (Side note: says me who walks into MECCA and Sephora like this all. the. time. Whoops. Hey! I saw that side eye… πŸ™‚ Butttt, case in point, you can be inspired by makeup looks you see online and maybe buy a few new exciting launches occasionally, but you don’t need to buy everything you see in order to create a lovely makeup look or outfit. For example, my current makeup collection is a balanced mix of both high street ‘drugstore’ makeup products and some more expensive purchases from Mecca.

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#3: Clothes & makeup are allowed to make you ‘feel good’Β 

I don’t know about you, but I can sometimes feel different emotions and moods when I wear different outfits and makeup. For example, when I get dressed up more than usual and wear my favourite glitter eyeshadow, whether it be for a party or special occasion, I feel a little fancy and more sophisticated than my usual self. And when I wear my ‘comfy clothes’ and have no makeup on, which in the cooler months is typically a woollen jumper and tracksuit pants (totally not a fashion blogger on these days! hehe :)), I feel cozy, calm and relaxed. Plus, I can watch my favourite youtube channels on my laptop whilst leaning on my hand and not spread makeup everywhere.

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#4: It doesn’t have to ‘define’ you

Whilst I love my clothes and experimenting with different makeup, I don’t let it me define me. Whilst wearing a face of makeup can make me feel more polished and ‘put together’, I don’t wear it all the time and am okay with that. Sometimes makeup can be used as a confidence booster which is fine, but its important to still have a healthy relationship with how you look naturally. I might not be looking 100% put together and ‘picture-perfect’, but I’m still a functioning human and am just as capable to take on the world as when I’m wearing something more fancy and have a full face of makeup on.

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I hope you found this week’s blog post interesting! I’d love to hear your thoughts – feel free to type away in the comments section below or say hello on Instagram @daisy_chain_daydreams.

Daisy xxxΒ 

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